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NOTE: This site is under construction. Updates coming soon!

Welcome to our site! We are two cardiologists committed to spreading  the word to promote the prevention of heart and circulatory disease (the number one killer of adults). While we have dedicated our careers to treating heart disease, we understand the best treatment is prevention – so we have gathered the the most useful information on diet, exercise, and the management of heart risk factors – high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and smoking – and added our wisdom (or at least our experiences with real patients!) We hope you’ll find our site helpful, but please understand that under no circumstances can we give out medical advice or recommend any specific therapy – only your doctor or health professional can do that!

You can see our newest posts at right, or go here  to find our main articles on heart health and prevention.  If you find this site helpful, please consider subscribing to our site (see button on right)  to receive notification of new posts (but no spam or solicitations).