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Overview of cardiovascular protection

Exercise: the benefits and How to Start

Sudden Death in Athletes: Curbside Consult video with Dr. Grewal

The New Cholesterol Guidelines: What do they mean for you?

Women’s Health: Guide to Heart and Circulatory Prevention

Heart healthy Diet Tips

Our 10 tips for Healthy Eating. . . . and More

Today’s News: More Reasons to Avoid Refined Sugar

Need a great book for Heart Month?

Do Healthy Adults benefit from Fish Oil?

Which Supplements Improve Wellness and Prevent Heart Disease?

Exercise News: Delay Dementia, and Never Too Late to Start!

Wrapping Up #HeartMonth

Is your Heart older than You? Find out your “Heart Age”

Some Useful Online Resources about High Blood Pressure

Nutrition Counts

Does Running Help Your Heart. . . And your Spouse’s Too?

HeartHealthy at Home/Work

Saturated Fat: Old Foe, or New Friend?

Exercise – A Great Way to Multitask for Heart Health

Wine: Is it really a toast to good health, and a healthy heart?

New findings about exercise – even 5 minutes can help!

Our favorite website to learn about heart disease and prevention

Cardiac Rehab~Have you heard of it? 

Low Fat or Low Carb? A new study sheds some light. . . .

Is Running Risky? Lets check the science. . .  .

A Great Patient Story

Asian Americans Face Greater Risk for Stroke and Hypertension

Is Butter really “Back”? Not exactly. . . .

#Heart Health for Women; Start here this Valentine’s Day

A great prescription

Exercise can make you feel younger. . . and function younger!

Atrial fibrillation – A Common Heart Condition

Is “Too Much” Exercise Harmful? Some New Information. . .

What is the “right dose” of exercise for a long and healthy life?

Social Media in Medicine: Dr. Albers Interview

VIDEO: Which Exercise is Best for Preventing Heart Disease?

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