Can Fish Oil Really Prevent Heart Disease?

IMG_8348rt5x7bwWe are often asked about the role of fish oil, or omega-3 fatty acids in general, for the prevention of heart and circulatory disease.   I posted a video addressing this question on the video blogging site (clinic here to review). This video addresses the largest research study to date looking specifically at the role of fish oil and prevention. Unfortunately, it did show that the positive role of fish oil may be less than suggested in the past, but there could be a role for specific patients.  As always, yo should talk to your doctor about all of your supplements, to help learn which may play a role for your specific health conditions (and to ensure that there are no unwanted interactions with other medications or health conditions).

you can also find videos the dressing wine, saturated fats, and the new cholesterol medications on the side.  Thanks for your interest and heart disease prevention!

2 thoughts on “Can Fish Oil Really Prevent Heart Disease?

  1. Dr. Samy Veluchamy

    Thanks Hearthealthdoctors. You are keeping us Informed about the latest research findings on heart health matters and provide practical advice on diet, physical activity, and other important modifiable behavioral aspects for patients and families in order to stay heart healthy.

  2. Dr.Samy Veluchamy

    Very beneficial information to patients/families regarding potential genetic risks and controllable lifestyle behavioral risks to cardio-vascular and neurological-denerative diseases.

    Dr. Samy Veluchamy
    Global Health Reach Foundation.


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